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ScatLab Homepage
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ScatLab is a software developed to perform electromagnetic scattering simulations mainly based on classical Mie theory solution. ScatLab program could be successfully used in scientific research projects, industry and education. Fast and reliable program code makes a work with ScatLab smooth and productive. Professionally designed to meet windows type guidelines, ScatLab users can expect a familiar and intuitive user interface.


ScatLab Features

  • scattered intensity polar diagrams for coated and uncoated spherical particles
  • scattered intensity versus theta graphs for coated and uncoated spherical particles
  • scattered intensity versus radius graphs for homogeneous spherical particles
  • extinction, scattering and backscattering cross section graphs
  • angle depolarization graphs
  • near field imaging for homogeneous spherical particles
  • Lorentz and Drude dielectric function implementation for refractive index calculation
  • support for T-Matrix method computations
  • and more...


    ScatLab 1.2 runs under Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP operation systems. No special hardware requirements.


      ScatLab 1.2 is Free!

    ScatLab 1.2 is available for free. Download it now!



    Feels free to send any bug reports, suggestions, questions and comments to the following e-mail address:


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